There are some additional, smaller, details that improve system efficiency such as proper pressure regulation, make-up water characteristics, and so forth. When all of these items are addressed together in a holistic approach there is never a reason to contemplate replacement of a steam system. Efficiency will easily rival a standard hot-water/baseboard system, and at a fraction of the cost of total replacement.

Remember: It’s not steam’s fault if yours is acting up, no matter how many folks tell you that it is. In fact, your system should probably earn a medal for continuing to carry on, decade after decade, with nothing to sustain it but neglect!

So now you know: Count yourself one of the lucky ones if you have a steam system.

If yours is acting up, rather than tolerating a poorly performing system or paying an arm and leg for a replacement system, contact us and we’ll make things right for you. Then you, too, can enjoy the efficient, comfortable, and quiet heat that is steam.

Should you happen not to have a steam heating system, now you understand that there’s never been a heating system that is as robust, long-lasting, and free of maintenance as steam.