Second on the list of important efficiency improvements is your system’s main venting. We never install a boiler without addressing this critical issue, but it is normally an afterthought by others. Stated simply, the steam can’t get to your radiators and begin to heat your home until the air is first vented out of the steam mains. So without proper venting, your boiler is running and consuming energy, but not yet heating your home because the air is blocking the steam. That’s very wasteful. At NES we calculate the volume of your steam mains, as well as time the progress of your steam. This lets us select the proper amount of venting in order to be certain your mains are vented as quickly as physics will allow. We only use Barnes & Jones Big Mouth Ot Gorton No. 2 vents, which are the best and biggest in the industry. We mount them as high up as practical to keep them out of harms way, and we include a strainer (when possible) to further protect your investment.