Our only other major worry is boiler corrosion. A topic a little bit too complicated for our purposes here, but let’s just say that for corrosion to occur, oxygen must be present. And because a steam system is open to the atmosphere, a little corrosion is always going to happen, and that’s normal and okay. But a lot of corrosion isn’t. For a lot of corrosion to occur we need a lot of oxygen. And that oxygen, if present in excessive quantities, is in the fresh water that is being regularly added to the boiler to replace the water lost to escaping steam or piping leaks. Got that? Fresh water is bad for your steam boiler. The old water that has already steamed is fine, as the boiling removed the oxygen. But the fresh stuff is bad news. So we need to keep track of it. And for that reason we offer a Hydrolevel VXT automatic water feeder with every job. I bet you thought we offered it so you wouldn’t have to manually add water to the boiler, didn’t you? Sorry, no, -an ancillary benefit perhaps. The reason is that the VXT has a nifty digital read-out that counts the gallons of water it has fed to your boiler. And by reading the control, we will always know if we have a problem or not. Better safe than sorry, right?